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Sep28th 2015

How Active Release Techniques (A.R.T.) Can Resolve Common Sports Injuries

Are you an avid runner, cyclist, golfer, or tennis player who has reduced their activity load simply because of uncomfortable pain that won’t subside? If so, you are not alone, as millions of fitness enthusiasts suffer from similar conditions as a result of repetitive stress injuries such as tennis elbow or chronic muscle pulls. The

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Sep21st 2015

Is There An Arthritis Specialist in Pleasantville?

Looking For An Arthritis Specialist In Pleasantville?You’ll Find One At ProClinix! Arthritis is very common and on the rise in the United States. According to the CDC, an estimated 52.5 million US adults reported that their doctor told them they had arthritis. As our nation’s population ages, this is expected to continue to increase. ProClinix

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Sep1st 2015

Upper Back Pain Treatment in Pleasantville

Do You Have Upper Back Pain? If you’re suffering from upper back pain, all you can think about is finding relief… but what caused it and what’s the best treatment? If you need treatment for this problem and live in the Pleasantville area, then conservative care at ProClinix is the clear first choice. It helps

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Aug12th 2015

Desk Jobs And Sciatica Treatment in Pleasantville

Are You Looking For Sciatica Pain Relief? It has come to light more than ever that sitting all day can lead to some serious health issues. Studies on sedentary lifestyles have shown that sitting for long periods of time can increase the chances of getting heart, lung, and other chronic conditions. Many people who work

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Jul24th 2015

Back and hip pain? Find a back doctor in Pleasantville

Are you looking for a back doctor in Pleasantville? Sometimes it’s difficult to tell exactly where pain is coming from. If you feel pain in the hip or groin, you might think it’s coming from your hip. Actually, it could be “referred” pain — the injury causing the pain is actually radiating along the nerves

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Jul16th 2015

Shoulder Problems? See a Shoulder Specialist In Armonk

You Don’t Need to Suffer in Pain – There’s a Shoulder Specialist in Armonk that’s Just a Phone Call Away Is persistent shoulder pain limiting your range of motion? Does stretching or lifting your arm over your head aggravate the problem? ProClinix Sports Physical Therapy & Chiropractic Wellness has a skilled shoulder specialist in Armonk

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